School Sisters of Saint Francis

The School Sisters of Saint Francis are based out of Pittsburgh, PA.  They founded and staff the St. Francis Center for Renewal.  The sisters live their tradition of ongoing conversion of heart through prayer, reflection, liturgical celebration and contemplation. Kolbe Academy is located on the grounds of St. Francis Center for Renewal which consist of over 50 acres of natural beauty.  The grounds with wide open spaces for walking are embraced by the gentle flow of Monocacy Creek.  Leadership from the School Sisters of St. Francis will be present on the Kolbe Academy Board of Directors.


Caron Foundation

Caron Foundation values and nurtures the family’s healing in the process recovery just as much as the patient’s. They believe that the family is the patient and the patient is the family and conduct parent support groups at Kolbe Academy so that they understand the nature and consequences of addiction; develop new, healthy ways to manage anxiety; learn how to grow together in unity; and pursue personal healing and recovery.




Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools leverages community resources to meet both the academic and nonacademic needs of students and their families through school-wide, group-level, and individualized support services. Site Coordinators focus on improving outcomes related to academics, behavior, attendance, social-emotional learning, and family engagement at the school and student level.



Kainoa Ohana Foundation

The Kainoa Ohana Foundation was established in 2018.  The foundation is named in memory of Kainoa Huber who lost his battle with drug addiction in 2017.  Ohana is a Hawaiian word which means “no one in the family is left behind.”  The foundation believes that every child is everybody’s son. The foundation uses its farm to create a work program for people in recovery.  The foundation plans to create prevention and education programs in local schools.